What is orthodontics?

The greatest benefit of orthodontics is not aesthetics, since the care and alignment of the teeth affects the health of the patient, but also has a preventive function on teeth and gums. Dental crowding is one of the main dental problems, causing the appearance of caries, periodontal disease, chewing disorders, headache and even reducing the patient’s self-confidence by not being happy with his/her smile. Our team of orthodontists put at your disposal all the orthodontic options available on the market.

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It is a transparent, comfortable and removable orthodontic treatment

After conducting a study of models, photographs and x-rays, a virtual treatment plan is carried out, which can be shown to the patient to have a preview of the final result. Depending on the movements to be performed, a successive series of splints or aligners are manufactured to measure for the teeth of each patient, and they are changed every 2 weeks. Depending on the case, a greater or fewer number of aligners will be required, the cost of the treatment depends on this.

These aligners are very comfortable and do not interfere with daily life

The aligners need a minimum of 20-22 hours a day of use, they should only be removed to eat and clean your teeth. The advantage is that they are aesthetically almost invisible and that since they are remissible, tooth brushing is easier than with conventional braces.

Invisible aligners are transparent and removable

No one will notice that you are wearing these almost invisible aligners, making invisible aligners a seamless fit for your lifestyle and daily relationship with others.
The invisible aligners, as we already mentioned, are removable. Unlike what happens with fixed metal appliances, you will enjoy the flexibility of eating and drinking just by removing the aligners. You can also remove the aligners to brush your teeth and floss as you normally would to avoid halitosis and maintain proper oral hygiene, avoiding or reducing the possibility of tooth decay or gum problems.

It helps to improve the temporo-mandibular joint (it is the joint that makes it possible to open and close the mouth), reducing discomfort in patients, as well as the possibility of functional problems arising, caused by misalignment of the teeth.

Fixes malocclusion (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together), closure of diastema, rotations, angulations, and displacements.

Unlike traditional fixed appliances, there are no metal braces or wires

This means that, in most cases, you have to spend less time at your dentist’s office for necessary adjustments to be made during treatment.

Dentistry, like all new advances in technology, is moving toward digitalization

With the incorporation of the intraoral scanner for image capture, at Crooke Marbella Dental Clinic we are expanding its field of action to orthodontics. With this, we have achieved a more comfortable, reliable and effective way of taking records from a patient’s mouth to carry out the study prior to orthodontic treatment to align their teeth. This methodology, in addition to being more comfortable for the patient, allows us to study the case on the computer, and obtain a preview of the final results, to confirm that we will meet the patient’s expectations.

With STL files, there is no image deterioration and it is always available. We have this system connected to invisible orthodontic systems and digital smile design systems.

3 Step Aligners treatment steps

Smile Design & Digital Planning

  • First, some photographs will be taken to design your ideal smile.
  • Then we will obtain a scan that will allow us to carry out a complete 3D analysis of your teeth. Thanks to this technology, the patient is part of the team in the design of his new smile, it is revised, modified until the approval.
  • The biggest advantage of having a multidisciplinary team of dentists working in your case, is the contribution of specialization when determining the best treatment plan to achieve the ideal smile.
  • Your dentist will explain the entire treatment plan conveniently.

Your set of aligners

  • Your dentist will give you different ALIGNERS, which you will use for 1 week each.
  • You will have a CHECK UP every month, to monitor the evolution of the treatment. You must take your aligners at least 20 hours per day. Remove them for eating, drinking and brushing.
  • Once you have completed the ALIGNER SEQUENCE, your teeth will be aligned!

The final smile

  • Your dentist will check your teeth and confirm that everything is as expected.
  • Post-treatment photographs

Aesthetic braces

These braces can be made of two materials: ceramic and sapphire. The main advantage of aesthetic braces is that they are made of materials very similar to the color of the teeth and therefore go unnoticed. They are indicated in patients with high aesthetic demands.

Ceramic braces take a longer treatment time due to the friction that occurs between them and the arch. For this reason, we work with ceramic braces with a metal groove, so that we eliminate this disadvantage in the treatment.

Sapphire braces are the latest generation in aesthetic braces. Its main advantage is that they are made of monocrystalline ceramic, so that they provide optimal aesthetics and are highly resistant to fracture.


Conventional braces

Also called metal braces. It is the most common type of braces. They are resistant, safe and reliable. They can also be “mini” in size and smaller than traditional metal braces.

In order to make a correct and individualized orthodontic diagnosis for each patient, we need to carry out a previous study. To do this, we carried out an analysis of the facial proportions, the smile, we took study models, x-rays and photographs both intraorally, as well as the face and profile of the patient. With all this information we can offer a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

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